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From California to Spain, I have partnered with many tourism businesses and destination marketing organizations to help them tell their stories on my blog.

For example, it’s been a joy introducing my readers to stories about:

I hope you will contact me with your partnership idea. However, please note that I do not entertain offers for sponsored posts, advertising, or guest articles on this site.

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My interests reflect those of my 15,000+ readers and social media followers, including:

  • slow travel
  • food & wine
  • culture & history
  • social good

I’m also passionate about sharing tales of citizen diplomacy and sustainable travel.

You can download a PDF of my résumé here. Or, feel free to learn more about my professional background via LinkedIn.


Partner Testimonials:

“Tricia and Shawn went above and beyond for their professionalism. They were the first bloggers we partnered with to tell the story of our company and the region. She took notes during our tours and shortly after she produced superb blog posts and photographs who matched Shawn’s engaging videos about our company’s wine-tasting, gastronomy, and history tours. Their content serves as a great introduction to potential visitors who are not sure what to expect in Alba, Asti, and the surrounding areas of Italy’s Piemonte region. Thank you from all Meet Piemonte’s team!” 

– Marco Scaglione, Co-Founder, Meet Piemonte

“Shawn and Tricia are filled with a passionate curiosity about the world which is evident in their work. In their promotion for the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, they framed the city’s historical and cultural offerings in a youthful light. Throughout the course of our communications and during the event, they were enthusiastic, personable, and professional. I look forward to their return to Serbia and the opportunity to work with them again.”

– Jelena Stankovic, Public Relations at Tourist Organization of Belgrade

“Fun, lively, colorful! Tricia and Shawn’s blog posts and videos from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region were wonderful. Our warm people, our delicious food, and our UNESCO treasures were portrayed in accurate, vivid detail, and received a great deal of positive feedback and comments from Tricia and Shawn’s online communities. From Modena’s Albinelli Market to the region’s special Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and traditional balsamic vinegar, the posts and videos captured our community in a positive light, and reflect their passion for Emilia-Romagna. We hope to see them here again soon!” 

-Nicholas Montemaggi, Digital PR & International Media Relations – BlogVille Italy Project Manager

“Tricia came to Ticino with an assignment and produced very nice things about the region and we were most happy with the results. She was very independent during her stay: following our input she visited the highlights as well as some more off the beaten path places. She is truly a real professional!” 

– Veronica Lafranchi, Overseas Country Manager, Ticino Turismo

“When Tricia and Shawn were headed to Bilbao in the summer of 2014, they inquired if I’d be interested in having them tell the story of my company, Thabuca Wine Tours. I agreed and introduced them to some of Thabuca’s finest experiences in Spain’s Rioja Alavesa wine region. In return, they produced an intelligent, articulate and captivating campaign of video, blog posts, and social media. It was a pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend their professional and creative work to other destinations and small businesses.” 

– Carol Gutiérrez, CEO & Founder, Thabuca Wine Tours

Here’s What Readers Have to Say:

“Your evocative blog posts & beautiful images helped convince us to finally take the plunge and book this trip to Malta – so thank you!”


“Again, another great series of photos – it really shows the city in its historical glory…and fun with all the current, modern day insight. An incredible post, another push for me to head to Croatia.”


“What wonderful encounters, so full of goodwill on all sides.”


“Thank you for such a thorough article! I happened upon this page while sitting within [Diocletian’s Palace] and googling for some history. Your details added so much to our wandering around the area. Thank you!”


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