I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. I’m Tricia.

As an explorer, I’m passionate about the power of citizen diplomacy – the idea that ordinary people can represent their home countries and promote positive intercultural exchange.

I have lived overseas for 20 years, visited more than 65 countries, and called Germany, Malta, and the United States home. Currently, my husband, Shawn, and I are based in coastal Croatia.

Equal parts nomadic and nesting, my life came full-circle in 2001 when I returned to Germany (my birthplace) to work as an education manager and trainer.

For more than ten years, I lived in enchanting Heidelberg – a city seemingly pulled from the pages of a fairy tale.

The Heidelberg Castle, perched on a hill overlooking the city, is where I would marry Shawn in 2010. The chapel is not far from a promenade where my parents pushed me in a carriage as a baby.

Mom and me visiting the Heidelberg Castle when I was a baby. Just over 20 years later, I’d move to Heidelberg and live in an apartment visible from this spot.
The historic home where I grew up in Rock Island, Illinois. It used to be an orphanage. When I hosted sleepovers as a kid, my childhood friends thought it was the perfect setting for telling ghost stories. My mom and I researched the home’s rich history and uncovered a fascinating story about a devoted dog that lived there in the 1870s.

From a young age, I was taught to appreciate the world’s diversity, and in the process, my love for travel storytelling was born.

As an eight-year-old visiting Europe, I scribbled notes about the scrumptious pastries I feasted upon, and the snippet of Mozart’s hair on display at his Austrian birthplace. Since I was a budding pianist, I was jubilant that I had the same color hair as the celebrated musician.

Despite being an only child, I still experienced the ups and downs of sibling relationships thanks to the French, German, and Hungarian foreign exchange students my family hosted. They lived with us in Rock Island, Illinois for a total of three years.

Tricia A. Mitchell Collage 1

Brushing shoulders with people from around the globe has shaped my perspective.

As I stood in the shadows of the Taj Mahal, Petra’s Treasury, and Angkor Wat, I created indelible memories.

However, it was the people who extended me heartwarming hospitality on my travels who left the most lasting impressions.

I wonder how the world would be if all individuals were such oustanding citizen diplomats.

I love:

  • slow, immersive travel
  • playing piano
  • hiking
  • yoga
  • history
  • writing
  • photography
  • learning French (I know enough to get in and out of mischief, and I’m trying to become fluent.)
  • making rice dishes from around the world (Italian risotto, Persian jeweled rice, Afghan kabuli)
  • watching artisans and craftspeople keep traditions alive

I also have a weakness for dark chocolate and scarves from across the globe. Hand-written letters bring a smile to my face.

Tricia Shawn Mitchell Saint Emilion Bordeaux
Shawn and I spend an afternoon in Bordeaux, France.

After meeting online and falling in love with each other’s writing, Shawn and I launched Eloquence in 2011. We design and develop impactful content for small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

Have a peek at our YouTube travel trailer:

My professional passions focus upon international relations, education, and writing. My work has appeared in Fodor’s Travel, Frommer’s, International Living, and beyond. You can see my writing portfolio here.

I have a master’s degree in international relations, and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Harvesting grapes in the European country of Moldova.
Shawn and me in costume in Oberammergau, Germany.
Marrying in the Heidelberg Castle, Germany. Photo credit: Kassie Borreson.
Sitting near the Pont du Gard.
An afternoon admiring France’s spectacular Pont du Gard.

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