Photo du Jour #71: Coffee Crybaby – Oberammergau, Germany

Grumpy baby coffee advertisement by German bakery

A grumpy baby adorns a wall of a bakery in Oberammergau, Germany, enticing customers with the establishment’s promise of a tasty cup of joe. The poster reads: “Still tired? Here, you’ll find really good coffee.”

A happy Monday to all!


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26 thoughts on “Photo du Jour #71: Coffee Crybaby – Oberammergau, Germany

      1. I can relate. There are rumors that I can occasionally be less then pleasant in the morning before my coffee infusion. But they are of course only rumors. :-)

  1. My German side/voice immediately went: Gibt’s auch Stinkcaffee? Ich bin doch schon wach! (Is there also stinky coffee? I’m awake! I’m awake!)

    Great photo catch! :-)

      1. The look on the baby’s face can be described in German as “Stinksauer”. The adjective can also be applied to someone in a foul mood, and one can describe them as being “stinksauer”. That brought me to what I wrote above: can a special kind of coffee put one in a foul mood? :)

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