Photo du Jour: Ghent Streetscape Reflected in Beer Store Window

beer bottles in storefront in Ghent Belgium

A bustling, Belgian street’s action is captured in the window of a Ghent beer store, featuring a colorful array of bottled beers for sale.

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell . All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: Ghent Streetscape Reflected in Beer Store Window

    1. Thanks, Anita. I stood in front of that window for several moments snapping away, making people passing by quite curious about what could possibly be holding my attention in the window. :)
      Hope you enjoyed Canada Day!

    1. Thank you, I Think About Beer!

      We only passed a two short days there, but we really enjoyed exploring Gravensteen Castle, ascending Ghent’s Belfry for a super view of the old town, and eating fresh strawberries and dollops of fresh cream. My husband also enjoyed the blonde beer. Are you headed there soon? It’s a charming and largely undiscovered spot – highly recommended!

      1. Should be lovely in autumn! We also enjoyed stop-overs at Waterloo, Brussels, and Bastogne. On prior trips, we saw lovely Bruges – another must, if you can fit it in.

      2. Well, I’m doing a bit of Beer tourism. So Brussels, Chimay, Roselaire are on the itinerary. Bruges is also on the list. Plus our hosts are taking us to a Club Bruges soccer game.

  1. That is gorgeous and has special appeal for me. I spent six months working and living in Brussels in 1988-9 and still remember Belgium very fondly. Ghent was one of the many places I enjoyed exploring during my weekends.

    1. How fun to have lived in Brussels for half a year, Rachael! Did you find yourself compelled to check out what outfit Manneken Pis was wearing each day? :)

      We were really charmed by Ghent’s ambience. Do you have any other Belgian cities you’d recommend?

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