Mouth-Watering Modena: A Cooking Class in Italy

“Secrets, especially with cooking, are best shared so that the cuisine lives on.” Bo Songvisava Having just thrown back a rich shot of espresso, we slipped into black ‘Chef for a Day’ aprons. Our cooking class in Modena, Italy had officially begun. In strolled our instructor, Chef Massimiliano ‘Max’ Telloli of the Osteria Stallo del PomodoroContinue reading “Mouth-Watering Modena: A Cooking Class in Italy”

Oberammergau, Germany: Woodcarvings, Bavarian Attire, and the Passion Play

For the next few months, we’ll be hanging our (warm winter) hats in Oberammergau, a village situated in Germany’s Alps. Oberammergau is perhaps best known for its Holzschnitzer (woodcarvers), colorful frescoes (Lüftlmalerei), and Passion Play, which is held once every ten years. Some residents in Oberammergau still wear feather-adorned, green woolen hats; custom-tailored Lederhosen; or DirndlsContinue reading “Oberammergau, Germany: Woodcarvings, Bavarian Attire, and the Passion Play”